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We are a small rural practice serving a population of over 8,000 covering an area of over 100 square miles!

We are a dispensing practice which means you can pickup your medication directly from us (Woodford Halse patients cannot be dispensing patients as there is a pharmacy in your village).



Following negotiations between Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board and our Local Medical Committee the tarrif being paid to practices to carry out blood tests has been increased, meaning we are no longer making a loss on each blood test taken.  From today the practice will carry out blood tests that are requested here at the practice or by  hospitals.

Thank you for your patience whilst we were unable to take hopsital blood tests and also for applying pressure by way of communicating your dissaproval to the Integrated Care Board.

The rest of the changes to working practice will apply, if you need a sick note when leaving hospital this will need to be provided to you by the hospital, the hospital should provide medication to you before you are discharged also any onward referral should be undertaken at the hospital and will not be done by the practice.

Changes to working practice

Changes to working practices
The ICB have refused to negotiate with General Practice locallly regarding the cost of providing blood tests - this practice makes a loss on every blood test undertaken - Alot of  practices are therefore working to its  'GMS contract' and will not carry out work sent our way from secondary care. We will only be doing blood tests requested by our own GPs - if the hospital requests that you need a blood test unfortunately you will need to have this done at the hospital it will be refused here.
If you go to hospital you will be sent a checklist from ourselves of things that the hospital should provide for you, for example a sick note, medication, onward referral to other services - this work will no longer be done for them within general practice. Please ensure these things are provided to you by the hospital if you don't have this upon discharge and you ask the surgery for this, you will be asked to call the hospital for them to provide it.
These aren't decisions the partners at the practice have taken lightly but something has to give - practices are handing back their contracts to NHS England as they are unable to financially run their practices and we do not want to be one of these.
We ask you to please support general practice in its fight to gain the recognition it deserves.

Podiatry service

We have a podiatrist working at the practice, she works on Wednesday afternoons - please call to book an appointment, please note she is not here to deal with toe nail cutting or corns

Podiatrists are the experts in all aspects of foot and lower limb structure, function and health.
They are highly skilled healthcare professionals trained to diagnose treat and rehabilitate and prevent disease and complications of the feet, ankles and lower limbs. They can prevent and manage foot problems, relieve pain, treat infection and support foot irregularities, to keep people of all ages mobile and active. A First Contact Podiatrist’s role is to assess and manage foot and ankle problems but they cannot provide routine foot/nail care or ongoing podiatry treatment. Our Podiatrist is able to carry out some minor surgical procedures and works closely with our GPs to manage a wide range of foot problems.


From today, thousands of pharmacists across England will be able to assess and treat patients without the need for a GP appointment or prescription for:

• Sinusitis

• Sore throat

• Earache

• Infected insect bites

• Impetigo

• Shingles

• Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women under 65


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We have secured funded access to sleep station for patients in our PCN.

Sleepstation is a market leading, NHS-endorsed, sleep improvement programme. Sleepstation helps people sleep well by combining proven psychological methods with personalised support and guidance. Sleepstation can resolve sleep problems like insomnia without medication.

To sign up to Sleepstation please click on this link.

Link: https://www.sleepstation.org.uk/nhs_options/

Network Services

Our PCN is pleased to be part of a one-year pilot to have a specialised children's mental health worker attached to the PCN.  Young people contacting their GP surgery with a mental health concern can be either booked directly to speak to a mental health worker or can referred by another clinician.  Appointments are available within a few days and the specialist practitioner is able to do a thorough assessment by video consultation.  They can then offer initial advice and refer on to other services as appropriate.